This is the third episode of Paranormal Vines featuring the bottling of a pomegranate wine. There is also a short piece filmed on location at historic haunted Fort Chaffee just before it burned down.

This second episode of Paranormal Vines explores spirits of different kinds in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Explore two haunted bars from the area and what they have on tap in both liquid and ethereal spirits.

This is the first episode of Paranormal Vines, covering a 2008 Norton from Belvoir Winery and a "Ghostly White" from Louisville, KY. First featured as a segment of Ghosts & Legends of Oklahoma, Paranormal Vines is now it's own mini-show highlighting wine themes within paranormal pop-culture.

Explore the ruins of the historic 101 Ranch and watch the paranormal investigation footage. The spirits at this location got really active after a storm blew through the area that night!

Bloopers and outtakes from the first five episodes of Ghosts and Legends. Have a laugh while filming and investigating the paranormal!

Take a journey within the pages of Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma as haunted locations from all over the state are highlighted. Featuring the Stone Lion Inn, Skirvin Hotel, Black Bear, 101 Ranch, Geronimo's grave, ghost towns, cemeteries, and more!

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