Deadly Heirs

10th Anniversary Edition

The definitive vision of the first Chase Michael DeBarlo mystery novel!

Extended scenes! Foreword from the author! Tons of extras added in an appendix, including DeBarlo short stories published for the first time EVER! Read Chase Michael DeBarlo like you never have before!

Saying Earl Kiddering is rich is like saying Babe Ruth hit a couple of homeruns, but saying he's dead is more accurate. A month after the billionaire drowns in his own swimming pool, Earl's great-niece, Genelle Starr, hires private investigator, Chase Michael DeBarlo, to find Kiddering's missing will while other family members squabble over the fortune.

Dark family secrets are uncovered during Chase's investigation, including adultery and tax evasion -- and Earl's death continues to look less and less like an accident. Earl's wife, Josephine, introduces Chase to her late husband's collection of ancient Chinese terra cotta vases which she believes holds the key to finding Earl's will. This pits him against a Chinese underworld lord named Chan, a nearly invisible foe that is trying to mold the vase market to his liking, even if it means murder.

Deadly Heirs delves into the loyalties (and disloyalties) of family bonds, exposes a private investigator's time management crisis that could endanger human life if not handled correctly, and uncovers the corruption of a mysterious art market.

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Kindle version also available!

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